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Blocs Master Newsletter - Issue #3
By Eldar Gezalov • Issue #3 • View online
New Custom Blocs packs, Built with Blocs update, the new Blocs Master Community, upcoming Blocs 4 template, WordPress course, bakery illustrations pack, and more in this month’s newsletter issue.

Built with Blocs Update
I have published more than 20 new websites to the collection on Built with Blocs. Thank you for sharing your work with the world, and keep your submissions coming!
New Custom Blocs Packs
I have spent a few weeks creating four new Custom Blocs packs for Blocs 4 - Hero, Teams, Grids, and Features. You can preview all the packs here.
If you are a Blocs 4 Templates or Blocs 4 Ultimate Pack customer, you can download the new packs for free via your Blocs Master account.
Blocs Master Community
Some of you have already noticed that I have launched the new Blocs Master Community. It is free to join, private community, where you can get assistance, or provide help to other Blocs Master members. I will also publish all of my future content updates and BTS details there. Visit this page to join and learn more.
The current set of topics.
The current set of topics.
Bakery Template Coming Next Week
I have almost finished working on the new template for Blocs 4 - Bakery. As you can guess from the name, it is a template for websites of bakeries, coffee shops, cafes, or restaurants.
I have asked my wife to draw the custom graphics for this template (she is a big lover of cooking), and she was kind enough to make 36 high-quality illustrations for this template.
I will include the smaller optimized versions of some images in the template for free. But, if you want to get all 36 high-quality PNG images and original EPS files (while supporting Nastya’s work in the process) you can purchase it here, or learn more about it here.
She used Procreate app and Affinity Designer to create these.
She used Procreate app and Affinity Designer to create these.
Blocs Master Monthly Live Stream
A couple of months ago, I have finally decided to try live streaming on YouTube. The first stream was fun, and I have learned a lot about the technical side of doing streams.
Since then, I didn’t have time to invest into making YouTube videos, not to mention hosting live streams, but I still plan to make this a regular thing.
The streams will be hosted on my Blocs Master YouTube channel, so if you haven’t already, subscribe and stay tuned. I will also share the details about each stream in the new Blocs Master Community.
Watch the reply of the first ever Blocs Master live stream
Watch the reply of the first ever Blocs Master live stream
New Course for WordPress
I get a lot of requests about tutorials for WordPress theme development with Blocs. If you are building a WP theme from scratch, I always recommend to check the official mini-course from Cazoobi.
Because of this mini-course, I have decided not to cover the WordPress in my tutorials, but after giving it some thought, I think I will make a WordPress related course after all.
It is still in the development phase, but what I plan to do is to cover the process of converting any of my Blocs Templates into the WP theme. I don’t have a concrete release date for this course yet, but when it comes out this summer, it will be included for free in the Blocs 4 Ultimate Pack.
Thank you for reading. I will send you another newsletter update with Bakery template and a couple of other things on April 28th.
Have a productive week!
With best regards,
Eldar Gezalov
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Eldar Gezalov

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